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TIANYD Beauty & Hairdressing Australia Pty Ltd. 

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The first “TIANYD” brand store is located in shop 28, 427-441 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood. NSW 2067, with the size of 240 sq. meters. Currently the store is operating. Our store is the high-end and luxury beauty and hairdressing spa with the top-grade scale in Sydney.




In order to achieve TIANYD brand chain-operation in Sydney, we welcome all practitioners who are willing to engage in the business of beauty and hairdressing service in Australia to join us. We shall provide our employees the best working environment and development opportunity, as well as free training and relevant welfare. 

When the time is right, you have a great chance to be promoted to the store manager. Under the unified management of TIANYD Australia Headquarters, you also have the opportunity to participate in the investment and opening of branches with the company and become one of the store shareholders.

Come on join us, be a part of TIANYD team, let’s growing together to achieve our dream. 

Recruitment Hotline: 0429 772 888


Please contact us via telephone during the business hour shown below: 

10:00am ~ 5:00pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. 

TIANYD Beauty & Hairdressing Australia Pty Ltd.  Recruitment Advertisement